Castrated Footballer was killed over drunken What App prank

Daniel Correa
Daniel Correa

The Sao Paulo midfielder was apparently going to be stripped and left in the street – but then something changed

A footballer found dead with his genitals cut off was tortured and killed “in barbaric fashion” over a drunken WhatsApp prank, it is claimed.

Daniel Correa’s body was found in the Brazilian city of Sao Jose dos Pinhais on Saturday October 27. He had been castrated and his throat slit with such force that he was almost beheaded.

The 24-year-old, who played for Sao Paulo, had been at the 18th birthday party of Allana Brittes at a nightclub in Curitiba before he was killed.

Three days later, Allana’s dad, Edson Brittes Junior, 39, confessed to killing Correa, telling police he had found the footballer trying to rape his wife Cristiana.

On Monday, pictures emerged showing Correa in bed with a sleeping woman, thought to be Brittes’ wife. They had been sent by the footballer to his friends on WhatsApp in his final hours.

Police said the pictures were most likely taken as part of an “immature stunt”.

Sources added that Correa suffered a blow to the head before being stuffed into the boot of a car and transported to woodland, where his dismembered corpse was discovered.

Now, the lawyer for two other suspects has told how they helped Brittes put Correa in the boot of a car, with the intention of stripping him naked and dumping him in the street.

Robson Domacoski represents David Willian Vollero da Silva, 18, and 19-year-old Igor King, both of whom are friends of Allana, reports Brazilian news outlet UOL .

He said guests at the party had told them Correa had tried to rape Cristiana. They also heard a shout coming from her room.

After helping Brittes put him in the boot of a car, they set off driving. Mr Domacoski said the “idea was not to kill Daniel but to leave him unclothed on the street”.

However, they said Brittes “lost his temper” after seeing the WhatsApp pictures sent by the footballer.

He claimed his clients attempted to talk Brittes out of killing Correa, adding: “They kept saying, ‘Do not do this, it’s going to ruin your life!'”

According to AS English , Amadeu Trevisan, the lead investigator on the case, told a press conference: “It was utterly excessive on the part of the perpetrator of the crime regardless of whether [Daniel] had been intimately involved with his wife, which is something we do not yet know.

“It was completely disproportionate. There was no need to have killed him and much less so in this barbaric and cruel fashion.”

Investigators have now also recovered a telephone conversation Brittes had after Correa had been killed, reports UOL.

During the call, he spoke of his “devastation” at the death of Correa, describing him as a “good friend” of his daughter.

“He was very fond of my daughter, you can imagine,” he says in the call. “I can hardly talk about it.

“My daughter is in shock. Jesus, I had to give her a tranquiliser.”

Brittes, while making no reference to the attempted rape he alleged in his police statement, also described Correa as being “very drunk” on the night in question, saying he could “hardly stand up”