World’s deepest pool set to open


TAKE a plunge into the world’s deepest diving pool – which at 148ft deep will have even the most experienced divers’ ears popping.

The mind-boggling lido – named DeepSpot – will be ready for completion in Poland later this year after it’s filled will enough water to brim 27 Olympic-sized pools.

DeepSpot will feature a pool with a depth of 148ft – and will contain enough water to fill 27 Olympic short-course pools
The pool will be open to the general public to strap on scuba gear and take a dive

And it’s not just seasoned scuba divers that can use it – as the pool will open open to the general public this Autumn so they can test their underwater swimming skills to the limit.

DeepSpot will be located in the central Polish town of Mszczonow – about 25 miles from the capital Warsaw.

In a record-breaking feat of engineering, its deepest section will be 16ft deeper than the present record holder in the northern Italian town of Montegrotto Terme.

A London double-decker bus is 14ft tall – meaning ten stacked on top of the other from the pool floor still wouldn’t reach the surface.

But even those not keen on taking such an epic plunge can enjoy a host of other aquatic activities – including staying the night in hotel rooms over looking the pool.


There will also be conference rooms available to hire – and a stunning underwater tunnel so punters can take a dip without getting wet.

DeepSpot will be constructed by the same firm who built the popular indoor skydiving simulator FlySpot in Poland’s Warsaw West County, according to local media.

And it’s reported that a staggering 8,000 cubic metres of water will be used to fill up DeepSpot.

This is the equivalent of 27 normal 25m swimming pools – the standard short-course length for Olympic competitions.

But the impressive pool will only hold the record as the world’s deepest for about six months.

The Blue Abyss, currently under construction in Colchester, Essex, will open next year with a 164ft-deep pool.

DeepSpot is due to open in Poland later this year
An underwater tunnel will run through the pool – so people can take a dip without getting wet
DeepSpot will hold the title as the world’s deepest pool for only around six months