£105million lottery-winning couple remain in cramped house

Steve and Lenka Thomson
Steve and Lenka Thomson

A COUPLE who won £105million are still living in their three-bed terrace four months after their lottery jackpot.

Builder Steve Thomson, 42, and wife Lenka, 41, are still in the cramped home, where their two sons share a room.

The humble pair, who won one of Britain’s biggest jackpots in November, have finally decided what they want in their dream house — four bedrooms.

Pals say they went to see a £1million property but thought it was “over the top” and are determined not to buy a “flash” home.

Instead the couple, who also have a daughter, want a modest, detached, four-bed in Selsey, West Sussex, where they live.

The winners’ lack of rush to move comes after grafter Steve, 42, returned to work and bought a van — second-hand.

Steve is now thought to have quit work after honouring all the customers he was booked in for at the time of his win.

One friend said: “They’re looking for a new home but they say they don’t want anything too flash.

“They’re such a down-to-earth family, real gems, and they could buy a palace if they wanted to but they have said they want to stay in Selsey.

“Their only priority was to get a bedroom for each of their kids.”

Another pal said: “The world is their oyster and they could afford anywhere but they are a very modest couple.”

After their Euro Millions win Steve and corner shop worker Lenka, 41, pledged to “do things for the community” in their seaside town.

The couple declined to comment.