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Taste of Qiddiya, Saudi Arabia

Officials at the Qiddiya Investment Company have kickstarted 2020 by awarding the first construction contract of the year to a major Saudi company. The news comes as building continues at the Qiddiya site. “As Qiddiya strives ahead with its construction […]

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Visit to University Arms, Cambridge

The level of detail at University Arms, a newish luxury hotel in Cambridge, is exquisite. From the riding stirrups contained within the chandelier hanging in the library, in reference to the nearby Newbury racecourse, to the crests of more than […]


Monkey Island Estate tour

A beautiful slice of countryside, Monkey Island. Sitting, watching the geese waddle past, pecking at the manicured lawns, it seems this is the storybook England overseas visitors imagine, this is what they come for. The Thames gurgles gently in the […]