Customers can pay using WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger


FIRST Direct customers can now pay friends using apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp without having to log into their online banking.

The telephone and online bank has just launched the service called Fdpay, and it means customers can transfer money “within seconds” by tapping a payment icon on their phone’s keyboard.

On pressing the Fdpay button, customers are securely authenticated and are able to make a payment.

Customers will be able to transfer up to £350 every day, and it can be used within any messaging app that uses the phone’s keyboard.

The service uses the banking industry’s Paym serice, which allows users to transfer money without any bank account details as long as they have the recipient’s mobile phone number.

The new service is for First Direct customers who have registered for Paym, and it can be set up within the First Direct mobile app.

Payees don’t need to be customers of the bank although they need to have registered with Paym.

Up until now, making payments required First Direct customers to launch their banking app or login to online banking and enter the details to complete the payment.

The Fdpay service is the first one of its kind among UK banks.

Meanwhile, customers with challenger bank Monzo can get paid by friends by simply sharing a URL to Monzo’s dedicated website for making payments –

All you need to know is the username of the recipient and you then just put in your card details.