You know what, the more we learn about this coronavirus, the more I’m convinced that this is a deliberate attack. It is biological warfare planned by China.

China has long had the dream of controlling/ruling the world. Something it has been doing economically for past 20 years, but it wants much more than that. A country of over 1billion ppl, with so much wealth can never see itself as anything less than No 1. It wants everyone in the world to speak Mandarin.

China has had micro biology laboratories in Wuhan since 2011, where it grows/breeds different bacteria & tests them on pigs & other animals. It has hired experts from allover the world, paid them millions of $ to supervise these projects¬† since 2011. The first experiments were carried out in October 2019 on it’s own ppl…which is y we saw the virus starting in Wuhan last year. It worked, so now they know how effective the virus is & therefore it was time to spread it allover the world.

A few Chinese scientists like Jiao Minzu from Shenzhen university who tried to warn the world, have been placed under house arrest. Two others have even been killed by Chinese govt.

This is why Europe, USA & the Western world are the main victims. They are the targets…not impoverished African countries, who all owe China money anyway.

The world MUST stop China. Because China will not stop until it has captured the whole world.

The rest of the world has been sleeping for too long, over the threat posed by China. It is a Godless nation & therefore is ready to kill millions for it to achieve its dream of world domination – where the only language of communication is Mandarin.

Govts of the world MUST come together to stop China – before our world is lost to them forever.

This is war.


Thank you