In Spain on March 23, 2020, 745 ppl died! In an EU country with the wealth of Spain, that’s a tragedy. 745 ppl died from a disease none of us had even heard of, just 6months ago!!!

People are @ home meanwhile exchanging funny videos, jokes, posting pics etc. Even in the media, ppl are telling themselves  “this too will pass”; “its gonna be alright”. Lol.

To the Chinese govt, it’s no joke. They are deadly, coldblooded killers. They have spent huge amounts of money/resources on their plan to rule the world.

On July 5, 2019 a female Chinese scientist, Xiangguo Qiu, her husband & eight Chinese students were arrested while at work in a govt lab in Winnipeg,  Canada. According to CBC news, the arrested Chinese nationals were “involved in attempting to steal sensitive scientific information with the help of a foreign government”. That foreign govt is of cos, China.

The founder of modern China, Chairman Mao told his ppl over 50 years ago, that it’s a 1000-year journey. In other words, they wont rest until they are the only superpower in the world.

The next World War wont be fought/won with ballistic missiles. Too damaging. Instead it will be fought as bio-warfare, using carefully-manufactured diseases & poisons. China is already on the move.

In the Wuhan Institute of Virology, they have successfully grown over 1, 400 different viruses. Covid 19 is just one of them. You think they doing all that for fun? They surely plan to use them all.

The Western nations were built on freedom, liberty, equality, mutual respect, etc. China isn’t. It was built on brutal exploitation, blood, suffering, suppression, power & control-at-all-cost.

That’s why the Chinese ain’t friendly people. They show little or no emotions cos they are raised to believe that life is a war, a battleground where it is them against the world. They know they are not liked & they dont care. They are determined to use force to get that love.

Already, the world is in panic. Jobs & livelihoods are lost daily enmasse. Rich nations are spending billions $ to keep their ppl, industries, jobs alive. USA announced $3trillion economic package. These are the entire reserves of very rich nations!

When these nations exhaust their resources, China will move in & offer its cheap products & loans.

This is warfare everyone. Dont think you+your children+your money+your  precious lifestyle will escape. Open your eyes & smell the coffee. China is attacking us all.

Chinese do not believe in God. It’s actually a crime there to worship any god. Their only god is power+money.

Rev 16:12 foretold us about China. “And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates & the water thereof dried up…that the way of the kings of the East may be prepared”.

Who are the kings of the East? Yes, the Chinese.