Why Business Travel needs to Change

Business travelling
Business travelling

Register for our next webinar on September 12, 1-2 p.m. EST, when we’ll explore the cultural and corporate shifts that are helping create a more people-first business travel environment.

During our upcoming webinar: “Putting People Before Policy: The Evolution of Business Travel,” we’ll take a closer look at the cultural and corporate shifts that are helping to encourage a more people first vision for traveling employees.

Business travel is the engine of the modern economy. The GBTA reported that global business travel spending contributed more than $1.3 trillion to the world economy in 2017. And from the perspective of business leaders and employees, business travel can be personally and professionally rewarding. Many employees consider traveling for work to be a key perk of their job, while employers benefit from trips that lead to more cohesive teams and better organizational collaboration.

But let’s get real. For far too many business travelers, hitting the road for work is sometimes a real grind. Whether it’s delayed flights, frustrating company travel policies, unhealthy food, or disrupted sleep schedules, business travel can take a toll on travelers both mentally and physically. In fact, an increasing number of studies now suggest badly-designed business travel policies and procedures can have a huge negative impact on employee morale, worker productivity, and company financial performance.

Does business travel have to be this way? How can organizations address the inconveniences of corporate trips in a way the benefits companies and employees alike? In this upcoming webinar, presented in partnership with TripActions, we’ll examine the emerging tools and policies helping companies rethink their outdated business travel philosophy, investigate the often hidden costs of sticking with the “old” model, and reveal the surprising benefits for employee morale (and the bottom line) helping to validate this new approach.

This webinar will explore:

How employee attitudes toward business travel are evolving

The positive and negative impacts of business travel on organizational success

How unintentional decisions about corporate travel policy can have significant impacts on employees’ productivity, morale, and health

Changes today’s organizations making to build more people-centric business travel policies