One third of Ford Mach-E’s tech team are female

Ford Electric vehicles
Ford Electric vehicles

New Delhi: Automotive industry might be a male-dominated one, but there are prominent names that have been at the helm of several auto majors. Not only at the top positions, but women are also contributing significantly in manufacturing, technology, retail and several other sectors as well. Such is the story of Ford Mach-E’s technology team.

Ford has stepped into the performance-focused electric car arena with its Mach-E SUV that derives from the Mustang lineup, the name with stallion badge that has been driving many people crazy with its power-packed legacy for decades. The technology team working on the electric SUV comprises 25 women, one-third of the entire team, reveals a report by Ford Mach-E forum.

With this gender diversity, the Ford technology team is working on the new Ford Co-Pilot360 technology for the Mach-E, which can steer the vehicle autonomously. The report quotes Tracie Conn, an ex-NASA engineer who has worked at the automaker for nearly two years in the advanced engineering group that develops vehicle sensors and algorithms, who said, “This team has the highest percentage of women of any team I’ve worked on.”

Tracie also said, “For me, seeing other women in senior roles helps us envision ourselves in those spots one day. I hope we can serve as role models for even more young women.”

The American automaker is reportedly encouraging women in its different departments like science, technology, engineering etc through its First Robotics program.

One of the members of the tech team, Annette Liyana who works on active drive assist, said, “It’s important to me to work for a company that helps encourage women, beginning in youth and mentorship, to go into technology and not lose their voice.”

Another member, Alexandra Taylor, who is the application owner for the new hands-free assistance feature, said, “Female mentorship has made a huge impact on my career at Ford and I believe this mentorship is critical for women as a whole to grow in engineering. Working on new technology has been invigorating and a great opportunity to work with and inspire other young women in the field.”

Ford unveiled the Mach-E SUV, which bears the Mustang legacy and is scheduled to launch in 2021. The electric car is claimed to be capable of running 482 km range on a single charge and it has acceleration capability to reach 0-100 kmph in around 3 seconds.